Selling Concept Vs. Marketing Concept: 12 Differences

difference between selling and marketing concept

Selling Vs. Marketing Concept Selling and marketing concepts are two major marketing philosophies each with different means, ends, and focus. Both are important marketing philosophies and are often sometimes interchangeably used, however, they hold great differences from each other. The selling concept lies in the idea of increasing sales through aggressive and heavy promotional methods. … Read more

8 Pros and 7 Cons of Marketing Concept

Pros and Cons of Marketing Concept

Pros and Cons of Marketing Concept A marketing concept refers to a marketing philosophy that emphasizes companies produce products that customers want and demand in the market. In simple words, it says to produce products that customers want, instead produce products that you want to sell. Let’s explore some pros and cons of marketing concept … Read more

Marketing Concept: Definition, History, Features, Principles, Examples, and Pros/Cons

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What is a Marketing Concept? The marketing concept is a philosophy that urges businesses to create products aligned with the needs and preferences of the market i.e. customers. According to this philosophy, success in the market comes from offering products and services that genuinely fulfill customers’ specific demands. The marketing concept represents a transformative approach … Read more

8 Pros and 7 Cons of Selling Concept of Marketing

pros and cons of selling concept

Pros and Cons of Selling Concept The selling concept of marketing refers to the marketing philosophy that believes that unless you aggressively promote your products and persuade consumers to buy your products they usually do not buy. It explains consumers need to be influenced to make them buy your products. Let’s look at some notable … Read more

Selling Concept: Definition, History, Features, Examples, and Pros/Cons

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What is a Selling Concept? The selling concept in marketing is built on the belief that customers won’t naturally buy a company’s goods or services unless the company actively engages in extensive promotional and sales efforts. This philosophy emphasizes the need to convert customers’ latent desires into actual purchases by employing motivation and persuasion techniques. … Read more

Product Vs. Production Concept of Marketing: 11 Differences

difference between product and production concept

Product Vs. Production Concept Product and production concepts are two marketing philosophies that talk about the idea of producing products, selling, and generating profits. While these marketing philosophies might sometime be used interchangeably, they hold a great difference between them. On the one hand, the product concept of marketing refers to the philosophy that believes … Read more

8 Pros and 7 Cons of Product Concept of Marketing

pros and cons of product concept

Pros and Cons of Product Concept Product concept in marketing refers to the belief that consumers opt for a product that has higher quality and performance. It argues consumers choose product quality over product price. Let’s explore some notable pros and cons of product concept of marketing. Pros of Product Concept The product concept of … Read more