What is Channel Conflict? Definition, Types, Causes, Examples, and Strategies To Manage

Channel Conflict in Marketing

What is Channel Conflict? Channel conflict happens when partners in a sales team clash. Imagine a situation where a retailer decides to make a similar product to the one they usually get from a manufacturer – kind of like copying it. This creates tension between these partners. It’s like a clash between teammates in a … Read more

The 7 Rs of Marketing Logistics

The 7 Rs of Logistics

What are the 7 Rs of Logistics? Logistics aims at delivering products to end consumers as effectively and efficiently as possible. Below are the 7’RS of logistics that make it possible: Right Product This sums up the essence of product development meeting the pulse of consumer needs. In marketing terms, it’s similar to product differentiation … Read more

10 Functions of Marketing Logistics [Explained]

functions of marketing logistics

Functions of Marketing Logistics In this article, we will explore the 10 major functions of marketing logistics which play crucial functions in business operations. Product Delivery Ensuring that the right product gets to the right customer at the right time is the pivotal function of marketing logistics. This function is not just about moving items … Read more

What is Marketing Logistics? Definition, Components, Functions, Importance, and Examples

marketing logistics

What is Marketing Logistics? Marketing logistics is a strategic process encompassing the careful planning, execution, and control of the movement of goods, services, and information from manufacturers to end consumers. Also known as distribution logistics, its primary objective is to ensure the efficient flow of products, aligning with customer demands while optimizing costs for the … Read more

4 Strategies To Manage Channel Conflict in Marketing [Made Easy]

Strategies To Manage Channel Conflict

Strategies To Manage Channel Conflict Before managing channel conflict, let’s first understand what it is. Channel conflict refers to any disagreement between two or more channel partners. For smooth business operation, agreement between these channel partners is essential. However, due to various reasons conflicts arise in businesses between these partners. Below are some reasons for … Read more

12 Causes of Channel Conflict in Marketing

causes of channel conflict

Causes of Channel Conflict Channel conflict refers to any disagreement between two or more channel partners. Numerous reasons can cause this disagreement. Here are the 12 major causes of channel conflict in marketing: Competing Interests When partners have diverging priorities, conflicts often arise. Imagine a scenario where a manufacturer seeks to expand its online sales … Read more

What is Reverse Distribution Channel? Definition, Causes, and Strategies

Reverse Distribution

What is Reverse Distribution? Reverse distribution channels involve the process of moving goods from the consumer back to the manufacturer or retailer. It’s a path for handling returns, exchanges, recalls, or recycling products. Unlike the typical distribution channel where products move from manufacturer to consumer, in reverse distribution, goods flow in the opposite direction, enabling … Read more